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Founded in 1950, Janson Baugniet is a multidisciplinary and multilingual business law firm, currently consisting of 30 partners and more than 60 associates, most of whom have an LL.M. or another university degree from Belgium or abroad alongside their degree in Law.

Throughout its expansion, Janson Baugniet has remained independent of other national or international law firms.

In 2004 the law firm Van Drooghenbroeck-Lagneaux, which specialises in social law, merged with Janson Baugniet. The pluralistic character of the law firm was strengthened with the opening of the Ghent office, enabling the team to offer a comprehensive service to its Flemish clientele.

The Favart firm, located in Mons and active since 1957, joined Janson Baugniet in 2017.

Several partners and senior associates teach at university law schools or elsewhere, or are members of editorial boards of one or more legal journals.

Janson Baugniet has extended its legal services to all fields of law relating to economic activities. The firm’s clients belong to different sectors of the economy, such as energy, real estate, communication, finance, the automobile industry, environment, health, etc.

The firm assists Belgian and foreign clients - both companies and individuals - as well as public authorities, funds and (international) non-profit associations.

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Janson Baugniet (1950) is a multidisciplinary and multilingual law firm, currently having 29 partners and more than 60 associates

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