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Jacques Autenne specialises in tax law and business law.

Given his previous experience (Jacques Autenne notably used to give the main lecture on taw law at the Université Catholique de Louvain - U.C.L., and has been head of the Ecole Supérieure des Sciences fiscals, a member of the Belgian High Council for Finance, a member of the Central Council for Economics, chairman of the Belgian-Luxembourgeois section of the International Fiscal Association (I.F.A.), an expert appointed by the Belgian Parliament for several cases, including the déclaration libératoire unique (a tax amnesty law introduced in 2004), he combines the skills of an excellent advisor and a convincing barrister, while always attempting to reach an agreement - where possible - with the various tax authorities. These skills are usually exercised in highly complex cases.

Moreover, he has connections with various leading figures in the socio-economic world, the federal and regional authorities and the European Community.

His expertise in tax law covers VAT, income tax, corporation tax, registration fees and inheritance tax, but also international tax law, notably in all issues relating to transfer pricing and technology transfers.

Jacques Autenne has a deep insight into all business law issues connected with tax law (intellectual property, company law and law of non-profit associations, competition law and especially criminal financial law).


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