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Interview: Mireille Buydens on France24

  • 7 november 2019
  • Janson News
Our partner Mireille Buydens was on the sets of FRANCE 24 with Ali Laïdi to answer this question and many others!
Interview: Mireille Buydens on France24

"Does the digital age mark the end of intellectual property? If everything seems accessible and free on the web, authors, technicians, creators, etc. work well and put their minds at the service of an art or technology. Is intellectual property law destined to disappear or must it be reformed? Answer with our guest Mireille Buydens, lawyer and author of the book "La propriété intellectuelle, évolution historique et philosophique" (éd. Bruylant).

Summary on the France24 website

Interview: Ali Laïdi
Our partner : Mireille Buydens
Image : France24


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