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Electricity and gas markets in Research Handbook on EU Energy Law and Policy

  • 20 July 2017
  • Conferences & Publications
Electricity and gas markets in Research Handbook on EU Energy Law and Policy

"This authoritative Research Handbook presents, for the first time, a comprehensive overview of the most important research and latest trends in EU energy law and policy. It offers high-quality original contributions that provide state-of-the-art research in this rapidly evolving area, situated in the broader context of international economic law and governance. The Research Handbook covers the full breadth of topics and developments in the EU’s law and policy regarding energy, fully acknowledging the multifaceted nature of this vast arena. It is divided into four broad thematic areas of EU energy law and policy: 

1) institutional aspects; 

2) external aspects; 

3) economic, social and legal aspects; and 

4) environmental and technological aspects. 

Expert contributors also present a future research agenda in these four areas and identify emerging themes with substantial potential for further research in years to come. Timely and engaging, the Research Handbook on EU Energy Law and Policy will be an indispensable reference point for academics, students, lawyers, economists, policymakers and think tanks in the field. It will also be of interest to those operating in other energy-related disciplines."

Résumé de IRPI


1 Rafael Leal-Arcas and Jan Wouters 


2 Competences in EU energy policy, Kim Talus and Pami Aalto 

3 External competences in energy and climate change,  Ries Kamphof, Thijs Bonenkamp, Joren Selleslaghs and Madeleine O. Hosli 

4 EU energy and competition: analysis of current trends and a first assessment of the new package, Leigh Hancher and Francesco Maria Salerno 

5 The European Energy Union, Thomas Pellerin-Carlin 


6 The new global landscape and energy politics in the 21st century,  Klaus Segbers 

7 The role of the ECT in EU–Russia energy relations,  Andrey Konoplyanik 

8 Global energy security and EU energy policy,  Severin Fischer 

9 Rule-maker or rule-taker? The EU and the shifting global political economy of energy, Thijs Van de Graaf 

10 The International Energy Charter: a new impetus for global energy governance? Sijbren de Jong 

11 The EU energy security strategy in the Caspian Sea region: addressing the bear in the room  Stratos Pourzitakis 

12 Russian energy projects and the global climate, geopolitics and development conundrum, Slawomir Raszewski


13 The dark side of power: corruption and bribery within the energy industry, Costantino Grasso 

14 Electricity and gas markets, Guy Block 

15 Energy Justice: a concept to make the Pigouvian tax work, Jan Schmitz, Kai Menzel and Fabian Dittrich 

16 Energy and the law of the sea, Stephen Minas 

17 Access to an effective remedy in business-related human rights violations in the context of oil and gas disputes, Youseph Farah and Malakee Makhoul 

18 EU energy law in the maritime sector, Beatriz Huarte Melgar 

19 A (legal) challenge to privacy: on the implementation of smart meters in the EU and the US , Max Baumgart 

20 Paris Agreement: the evolution of international law standards in the post-ontological framework,  Antonio Morelli 

21 Social science as a starting point? Michael Kattirtzi 


22 EU Emissions Trading Scheme: preventing carbon leakage before and after the Paris Agreement, Kati Kulovesi 

23 Energy and environment,  József Feiler and Peter Vajda 

24 Are smart grids the key to EU energy security? Filippos Proedrou 

25 Renewable energy, waste management and the circular economy in the EU: solar PV and wind power, Feja Lesniewska 

26 The role of renewable energy law and policy in meeting the EU’s energy security challenges, Penelope Crossley 

27 Energy futures: new approaches to energy choices, David Elliott 

28 EU energy innovation policy: the curious case of energy efficiency,  Jan Rosenow and Florian Kern


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