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Conference - Frédéric Fosseur was present at The Gate

  • 21 February 2020
  • Conferences & Publications
Our partner Frédéric Fosseur held the Acerta conference "VAT: some pitfalls you should avoid regarding your company - practical and up-to-date aspects".
Conference - Frédéric Fosseur was present at The Gate
VAT is the ultimate form of taxation that companies are dealing with on a daily basis. Errors in its application, particularly during tax audits, can seriously jeopardise them. These errors are often due to bad reflexes or a poor knowledge of ground rules. That's when the accountant is there to rectify the situation... if it is not too late already.

From concrete and up-to-date examples, certain concerns will be listed by showing both the detrimental consequences and corrective measures. In particular, the delicate subjects chargebacks, VAT on subsidies, formalism, VAT refunds, etc. will be addressed.


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