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White collar crime


Our multidisciplinary team consisting of practitioners well versed in the various aspects of corporate criminal law (financial criminal law, tax criminal law, employment and administrative criminal law), defends both those facing prosecution and the victims, whether they are companies or individuals.

In an economic world that is regulated more and more by criminal law, it is a must to have access to high quality services in this field. 
The complementarity of the members of our team provides full coverage of all the domains of corporate criminal law.

One can mention in particular, financial fraud, abuse of company property, money laundering, insider trading, tax offences, employment violations (accidents at work, violation of well-being at work, etc.), violations of the Company Code, environmental law, laws governing urban planning, frauds relating to subsidies, counterfeiting, computer fraud, private/public corruption, concealment of succession, etc.

Our team provides assistance both to persons facing prosecution and to the victims, from the first police hearings (one of the members of the department, François Koning, is, moreover, the author of the first book devoted to tips and tricks for police and court hearings), to proceedings which can put an end to prosecution and avoid trials, going right up to defense before courts and tribunals.

We also provide legal counsel necessary for managing criminal liability within companies and institutions, which are often confronted with this without necessarily being aware of it, given the multiplication of what are called ‘regulatory’ offences that carry criminal liability for the simple violation of standards without regard to whether or not there was intent to breach the regulations.

The strength of our team also lies in the rather important fact that it is an experienced Partner who handles and pleads your case, and not just a trainee, whereas our fees are very competitive due to rigorous management of our law practice.

Our services

Interdisciplinary approach

Our law office encompasses all the legal disciplines of the business world (banking law, tax law, employment law, administrative law, intellectual property law, company law, commercial law). Thanks to this multidisciplinary approach, your case will benefit from an environment which is ideal for developing very effective solutions.

Proactive monitoring of cases

Experience has shown us that whomever the person seeking consultations with us – a person facing prosecution or the victim – it is often necessary to take the initiative procedurally for their rights and interests to be protected in the context of criminal procedures that are generally not very attentive to the special interests that may be involved.

‘Experienced lawyers at the bar’ is our motto

There is nothing more frustrating for a litigant than to find, on the day of the submission, that an employee has been sent to plead his case. In our firm only an experienced Partner will follow and plead your case. The assistance of trainees is limited to preparatory and subsidiary tasks.

Tight control of costs

The involvement of an attorney undeniably entails costs and we are perfectly aware of this; consequently we impose strict management in our law firm so as to be able to offer really competitive fees and to limit the costs for our clients.

Expertise in the field

Our attorneys keep abreast of and are experts in the subjects of their practice; they regularly publish in law reviews and conduct seminars; certain members of our team even teach at the university. Our law firm is proud that in the past, many of its members have become magistrates in criminal justice courts or prosecutors.

Our experience

  • Defending Belgian and foreign businessmen and companies facing seizure of their bank accounts in Belgium, and in some cases abroad, following the ruling of Belgian judicial authorities who invoked suspicions of money laundering
  • Defending persons being prosecuted for participation in ‘cash companies,’ for what is called ‘boiler room’ fraud, for insurance fraud, etc
  • Defending financial institutions in criminal proceedings over money laundering cases
  • Defending many companies that have fallen victim to inhouse fraud and misappropriation of company assets
  • Defending institutions which are victims of fraud involving subsidies
  • Defending entrepreneurs confronted with tax adjustments by the ISI in the context of criminal procedures
  • Defending Portuguese entrepreneurs being prosecuted for secondment fraud
  • Defending companies confronted with prosecution for involuntary homicide and or involuntarily causing accidents and injuries on the job leading to the death and/or injury of employees and/or third parties
  • Defending company directors from criminal prosecution in the context of alleged VAT fraud in relation to VAT-free sales to members of embassies in Belgium
  • Defending a German construction company confronted with prosecution for failure to pay the minimum salary
  • Defending a public limited company in the context of criminal liability of legal entities following a fatal accident on the job and charges of failing to take adequate safety measures
  • Defending a manager in a case of criminal violation of employment law following the failure to declare a seasonal worker and an apprentice
  • Assisting the directors of a company in the context of an inspection over employment law (occasional contracts of temporary employment and the failure to declare supplemental hours)
  • Defense against criminal prosecution of directors of an SME as a legal entity following the illegal use of foreign labour (in reality, ‘false self-employed’)

Our team

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