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Estate planning


The lawyers of the department advise and assist private individuals in the field of estate planning and the various issues related to it.

In particular, they are involved in disputes relating to ownership and property dismemberment (exit from joint ownership, disputes between co-owners, conversion of usufruct), succession (national and international inheritance disputes, liquidation and division procedures), liquidation of matrimonial property regimes, and administration of the assets of vulnerable persons. In all these areas, they ensure that they demonstrate creativity in the search for amicable solutions.

The department's lawyers also advise clients in the choice of matrimonial property regime or legal cohabitation and in the drafting of property agreements, wills and inheritance pacts. More generally, they assist individuals with the legal aspects of estate planning. 

They are also involved in the transfer of family businesses, their reorganisation, liquidation and the drafting of shareholders' agreement.

Our services

  • Defending the interests of the inheritors in the context of the liquidation-partition of an inheritance (amicable or court-ordered liquidation)
  • Management of the patrimonial aspects of divorce and filiation
  • Defending the interests of individuals in the context of proceedings for the administration of property or persons
  • The drafting of wills, inheritance agreements, and patrimonial agreements, mandate or extra-judicial mandate
  • The implementation of procedures for exiting joint ownership, usufruct agreements, and the resolution of conflicts between holders of real rights (co-owners, usufructuaries, emphyteutic leaseholders, etc.).
  • The transfer of family businesses, their reorganisation or liquidation
  • The execution of judicial mandates entrusted by the courts (curator, legal representative, liquidators, etc.) or conventional mandates (executor, receiver, etc.)
  • The resolution of patrimonial disputes in the context of transactions, and the prevention of patrimonial conflicts
  • The implementation of gifts and donations 

Our experience

  • Drafting of inheritance declarations (calculation of duties in each of the three regions)
  • Resolving conflicts between inheritors in the context of complex successions involving foreign assets
  • Designing of duo legacies
  • Drafting of inheritance agreements
  • Procedures for conversion of usufruct for the benefit of surviving spouses
  • Family negotiations in difficult contexts
  • Missions of testamentary executors
  • Inheritance litigation including aspects related to company law (appointment of a provisional administrator, judicial reorganisations of family businesses, etc.), or to the law of persons (appointment of the administrator of the person, of the property, of the "trusted person")
  • Litigation in matters of inheritance, inheritance collection, life insurance, estate reduction/reporting
  • Setting up or liquidation of SCI's
  • Planning of family management structures ("Family Office") 

Our team

Senior Counsels
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Mons: +32 65 22 10 00
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